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Is Schooling Required to Work as a Dental Assistant?

Most states don’t have any educational requirements to work as a dental assistant. In many states you can be trained on the job; however, finding an office with time to train you from the ground up can be difficult. Be sure to take a close look at your state’s requirements. There’s no need to spend years going to school and acquiring debt for schooling that’s not required. Our online course is designed to help you receive the same training, be awarded your certificate of completion, and jump-start your career quickly at a fraction of the cost. We are proud to have helped hundreds of people start their new careers while saving thousands of dollars. We believe that you shouldn’t have to go into debt trying to brighten your future! With our course, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your financial burden is significantly reduced.

90 Day Dental Assistant covers the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in dental assisting, covering topics like dental terminology, oral anatomy, patient care, chair-side assisting, x-rays and office management. You’ll learn from previously recorded video lectures. This way, you can balance your education with your busy life. With our course, you’ll still receive your certificate of completion that you can give to future employers.

what you need to know

Educational Requirements

The specific requirements for becoming a dental assistant can vary by state. Some states may require dental assistants to hold a state-specific license. This can involve additional training or exams. In some states, it’s as easy as passing a background check to receive your registration. Most states require you to take your radiology (RHS) exam that the Dental Assisting National Board administers. This is a national exam; you only need to pass it once, and there is an option to take it online. Our course does a great job preparing you to take your RHS exam, ensuring that you feel confident and ready for the next step in your career!

Be sure to research your specific state’s requirements. Understanding these requirements can help you plan your path to becoming a dental assistant more effectively. You can find your state-specific requirements by visiting the Dental Assisting National Board’s website at www.danb.org/state-requirements.

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