How Soon Can I Become a Dental Assistant in Missouri?

As qualifications to become a dental assistant vary from state to state, in Missouri, there are no qualifications to become and start working as a dental assistant. So technically, you can begin to work as soon as you accept a job offer as a dental assistant.

While it’s not required to receive training to be a dental assistant in Missouri, it is still a great idea to get some prior training. Dental assistants with prior experience and training can quickly dive into the large pool of dental assistant responsibilities and start pulling their weight as a member of the team.

You can still find dentists who will want to hire you without any background experience, but with the right background, you’ll be their first choice every time.

How can I get a job as a dental assistant in Missouri?


Whether you have prior experience or not, you’ll need to show genuine interest in the company to get the job. Look up the clinic’s website and learn as much as you can about the doctor’s backgrounds, the clinic’s story, and their goals as a company. If you know something about the company and its doctors, you can ask specific questions in the interview. This will let the interviewee know you’re genuinely interested in the company. If you have the interest, show off your personality, and have a great time, the interviewee will remember you well.

Be the best version of yourself during the interview. Skills can always be taught and honed, so most dental clinics hire individuals that mesh well with their existing team, are fun to be around, and will be great with patients. Remember to smile and be yourself.


An externship is a lot like an internship, but it’s based more on experience. A dental assistant externship is a great first step towards sealing the deal on employment. As an extern, you’ll be shadowing dental assistants in their day-to-day tasks. You’ll understand the flow of the office more, make friends, and best of all, gain experience. After completing an externship, you can more comfortably ask to apply for a position as a dental assistant in Missouri. If that specific clinic doesn’t have an opening, have no fear, you have experience now! You’ll find a clinic to kick off your career soon.


An open schedule could be your trick to open doors! Be ready to start working right away if necessary. If the dental clinic desperately needs another dental assistant and you answer that call, you’ll be their hero. It’s a great place start!