RHS Exam Prep

Hire a person, instead of their credentials.

We understand how important it is to have qualified and competent employees as part of your team. However, there are some things you simply cannot teach, like positive personality skills and a hard work-ethic. That is why we have created an online course to qualify the individuals who are right for the job. We are here to help with the credential side so that you can focus on finding the right person for the job. 


The Radiation Health and Safety Prep Course is everything you need to prepare your employees to take and pass the Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) Exam. We get right to the point with the course content so that it is feasible to complete in a short amount of time. The online course is divided into 6 lectures, with each lecture consisting of video trainings, assigned textbook readings, a study guide, and a quiz. By having online lectures, students are able to pause, rewind, and even re-watch each lecture as needed.   


This online course is perfect for an employee who didn’t pass the RHS exam on the initial attempt and/or who might be a little rusty with their radiology skills. The Radiation Health and Safety Prep Course is an ideal resource to help employees who may fall into this category and who are still right for the job, but just need some assistance. 

Our online Radiation Health and Safety Prep Course is the missing piece for dental offices alike. This quick and straightforward course can prepare your employees for certification to ensure that they are meeting the necessary protocols when it comes to radiation safety. You get to focus on hiring awesome employees while we help certify them. This course can simplify your hiring process so you can get to work doing what really matters. 


Our Radiation Health and Safety Prep Course can be completed entirely online. Your office can either provide the program education through scheduled trainings, or you can allow your employees access to the course so they can do it on their own time, at home. It is flexible enough to be able to meet your office’s specific needs.

My Dental is eager to help your qualified employees get the credentials they need. Please contact us for group pricing and discounts specific to your office’s needs.