What Kinds of Dental Assistants are There in Washington?

Throughout the field of dentistry, you’ll find specialized clinics that do specific procedures and services. While general dentists often perform general procedures, dentists that specialize in oral surgery will spend their time in surgery centers. Each specialized field has specialized dental assistants too that are trained to work in that specific field. As you become a dental assistant, you’ll have the choice of which dental field to work in. Here’s a quick summary of these fields.


By focusing on restorative processes and cleanings, general dentists and dental assistants have a lot of variety throughout their day. With the differing ages of patients and procedures, there is always something to look forward to! General dental assistants set up rooms for procedures, assist dentists throughout restorative procedures, take x-rays, and sterilize instruments for the next procedure. Since there are many general dental clinics throughout Wyoming, you’ll find the perfect fit to start your career!


Straightening teeth, correcting bites, and helping people grow their confidence is an awesome daily reward for orthodontists and their dental assistants. Every day, orthodontic dental assistants will take radiographs, help place and remove braces, replace rubber bands on braces, and help answer patient’s questions about their braces. Helping patients straighten their smiles or have a better experience chewing their food is extremely rewarding as a dental assistant! Every day is a positive experience at an orthodontic dental clinic in Wyoming.


After gum disease has progressed to a point where it is now damaging tissue and bone, patients will see a periodontist for restorative procedures. Periodontist assistants help during procedures by handing instruments to the dentist, providing suction, and cleaning up after the procedures. Periodontal dentistry is a very satisfying field! Gum disease is horribly painful and destroys confidence, so being able to restore smiles and help reduce pain can be very fulfilling.


Visiting with children and helping them through exams is always fun and exciting. Pediatric dentistry is much like general dentistry. While it focuses on restorative processes and cleanings, the services offered are based solely around children. Pediatric dentists undergo more extensive training to see little people on a regular basis. The equipment, hand pieces, and chairs are kid-centric and kid-sized. If you’ve ever wanted to work with children and be a dental assistant in Wyoming, pediatric dentistry could be the greatest fit you could ask for.

Oral Surgeon

Many orthodontists and prosthodontists send patients and their treatment plans to oral surgeons. Oral surgeons perform surgeries that reconstruct various parts of the face, jaw, and mouth. Common oral surgeries include wisdom teeth removal, bone grafting, jaw correction surgery, and surgeries to correct facial trauma due to genetic defects or accidents. Oral surgeons do not work out of dental clinics, but out of oral surgery centers and hospitals instead.


Because endodontists specialize in root canals, they’re equipped to only perform root canals all day, every day. But, not all abscesses are the same! While similar procedures are repeated throughout the day, your patient’s stories and situations will vary. It’s rewarding work to help patients recover from horrendous mouth pain and reclaim their smiles. As an assistant, you’ll be supplying the dentist with the tools needed to complete the root canal, applying suction when needed, helping the dentist fit crowns, and setting up and cleaning the rooms.


By handling some of the most complex cases in dentistry, prosthodontists conduct jaw surgeries, create and insert teeth implants, and make dentures. Prosthodontists also create porcelain crowns to match surrounding teeth, so in a way these dentists are artists. Specializing with patients that have experienced a lot of dental trauma, prosthodontists and their teams change lives with their restorative efforts, patience, and love for their patients. Joining a prosthodontist team is a very gratifying experience.

Not Sure What Field of Dentistry To Work In?

By applying and completing more than one externship in Wyoming as an aspiring dental assistant, you can see what clinical workflow, patient to dentist relationship, and day-to-day routine is your favorite. Creating more connections among several different types of dentists can also be helpful when looking for a job. Dentists often keep a tight network of other dental specialists to refer patients to. Asking a dentist you’ve worked for to write a recommendation letter to another dentist they know well is a great way to be introduced into a side of dentistry. Work hard at your externship, do well in your 90 Day Dental Assistant courses, and you’ll be on your way to being a great dental assistant.

Start Your Dental Assisting Career

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